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Exclusive Residences

Our Company was set up with the sole purpose of working on projects that are both sustainable and made to last. Terra Rossa is a truly unique project in an enviable location comprising three villas. The development is a prime example of exclusivity and refinement and is located in Protaras, 400m from the beach. Conceived with modern architecture and large outdoor spaces, the project comprises 2 four bedroom villas of 150 sqm built in plots of 360 sqm and 435 sqm and 1 three bedroom villa of 125 sqm built in a plot of 295sqm.


The interiors communicate perfectly with the landscape. The living areas have large living rooms which are very bright thanks to the large window doors overlooking the verandas. This exceptional development offers only the very best of high standards and quality.

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The idea is to create a complex of residences that fit completely with their environment and are realised using Mediterranean materials. The aesthetics of the residences where guided by the characteristics of the Mediterranean architecture and local quality of the natural environment.

The main concept of the design is to create a flawless connection between the interior and exterior environments of the properties, while providing a variety of areas to chose to inhabit on a daily basis. Different micro-environments coexist in the same property, characterized by different qualities such as private – public, shady – sunny, open – close.

The interior of the residences feels larger through the generous connection between the indoor and outdoor space, while at the same time the design focuses on functionality, fluid circulation between the spaces and bio-climatic principles providing unobstructed air and light circulations.

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